How does canadas work?

Canada’s parliament is in Ottawa and that’s where these representatives make decisions about running the country.Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy with a sovereign as head of state and an elected prime minister as head of government. Canada has a federal system of parliamentary government, where federal, provincial and territorial governments share government responsibilities and functions. The Monarchy and the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Government carry out federal responsibilities.


Evaluating survey results

I learned to get a survey from people. 

For example my topic is movies:

Big hero 6: 9 students

Frozen: 13 students

Rio2: 5 students

Others:23 students

Now we make a t-chart then a bargraf, and if you add all of the students you’ll get 30.

So I asked 30 students.

so we do this to get information.

survey ‘s importnte because it gives us information that what do people like.